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2021 Renfrew Collingwood Pride Week – July 12 to July 16th, 2021

2021 Renfrew Collingwood Pride Week

July 12 to July 16th2021

“we are back and we’re Renfrew Collingwood Neighbourhood loud and proud.”

We are still dealing with the COVID19 pandemic; however, we have come up with a pride plan that should meet all covid protocols.

The Pride week plan is to bring some colour to the benches outside of Collingwood Neighbourhood House.

There are 4 benches, the one bench that faces the entranceway of CNH will be something like this.


The other benches will be painted, loved, and celebrated with what groups want to show their pride.

Friday July 16th

There will be an unveiling of the newly decorated benches and entertainment on the front lawn of CNH.  Around 7 p.m.

Then a pride walk to one of the local parks for a movie night featuring around 9 p.m.

La Cage au Folles

Painting the benches on July 9, 2021