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Staff Access


The leadership of Spectrum Society for Community Living is guided by a vision and set of values that emphasize respect, dignity, and the belief that every person has something to contribute. The organization’s strategic goals focus on supporting people to be actively engaged in the community, strengthening social connections, and ensuring a sustainable future through succession planning.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Spectrum are elected by the membership of the Society at the Annual General Meeting. The eight board members bring a broad range of skills and experiences to the board table, where the strategic direction of the organization is guided and oversight of the Executive Director is provided. Our board members are people with disabilities, family members of people with disabilities, professionals such as doctors and accountants, and former employees of Spectrum.

Senior Leadership

Spectrum was founded in 1987 by Susan Stanfield, Ernie Baatz and Patrick McDonagh and they are all still active in the organization. As Executive Director, Ernie Baatz is accountable to the Board of Directors for implementation of the Strategic Plan and the leadership of quality services in the community. Susan Stanfield is Director of Operations and leads a team of five Coordinators. Patrick McDonagh serves on the Board of Directors.