Accreditation Survey Completed

Accreditation is required for agencies contracting with MCFD and CLBC and includes a survey, typically every three years, to review how an agency is delivering services and complying with international standards of quality.

We chose CARF in 2006 to be our accreditation provider and have been surveyed and accredited for 3 year periods in 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015.  Our 2018 survey team was here from May 14th to 16th and had two surveyors: Bruce Christensen from Colorado was our administration surveyor, and Jill Cretella from Connecticut was our programs surveyor.

Bruce Christensen

Bruce Christensen

jill 120x150

Jill Cretella

Bruce reviewed our leadership, planning, finance, human resources, technology and risk management systems.  Jill reviewed our direct services by visiting people at home and in the community and reviewing our personal planning and documentation.

On Wednesday the 16th, they gave us a summary of their observations and a verbal list of commendations, recommendations and suggestions for improvement.  Their full report will be reviewed by the CARF Head Office and we’ll receive a written report and final outcome in the next six weeks.

Thank you to everyone who visited with the surveyors.  They definitely enjoyed meeting people and hearing their stories.

Thank you to Susan Stanfield for her amazing work to ensure our activities and energy are directed to delivering quality person-centred services and that these efforts are well-documented to show compliance with CARF standards.  Susan reviews the standards and the annual updates and then figures out the least intrusive way to implement a new practice or policy so that our services are safe, person-centred and compliant with all relevant legislation, policies and standards. Thank you Susan!

We’ll post the report of the surveyors when it arrives in six weeks and respond to recommendations in the report.

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