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Advocacy – Provincial and Federal Opportunities for Better Support

Spectrum is a member of Inclusion BC, the Provincial advocacy organization for people with disabilities and their families.

There are two important time-sensitive opportunities to influence our government decision-makers that we would like to bring to your attention. We ask you for 10-15 minutes of your valuable time because in these two situations repeating the message will make a difference.

Call for Support #1: BC Budget 2024

Inclusion BC presented the linked Budget 2024 Submission informed by the advice of our members on Wednesday, May 31st.

This year we would like to try something a bit different to bring more attention to our shared priorities. There is an opportunity for any interested citizen to make a submission in writing.  Please consider resubmitting Inclusion BC’s submission as your own. You can submit as a person or an organization. You can use the attached submission to copy and paste to the online form or feel free to edit and make it your own.

Here is the link to the online budget form. The deadline for written submission is June 16th. Please reach out if you would like support with this.

Call for Support #2: Canada Disability Benefit

To push Bill C-22 over the finish line please find your Member of Parliament and send them a very quick email to urge and encourage them to support the quick passing of the bill.

To make this easy, please feel free to cut and paste the draft email below.

Bill C-22 – Canada Disability Benefit – The Final Stages – Please finish the job!

Dear (enter MPs name),

I am writing to you today as your constituent and to urge you to prioritize the consideration and quick passage of Bill C-22, an act to reduce poverty and to support the financial security of persons with disabilities by establishing the Canada disability benefit. I appreciate the Senate giving Bill C-22 due consideration, and for passing it at Third Reading. Now it is back in the House of Commons, for you to consider the Senate amendments and final passage. Timing now is vitally critical.

I call upon you as my Member of Parliament to work to prioritize the passage of Bill C-22 before the end of the current sitting period, without unnecessary delay. I urge you to support the fast-tracking of the bill in the House of Commons so it can go back to the Senate and to the Governor General for Royal Assent. People with disabilities have been waiting long enough hoping for action on the commitment to bring in a new Canada Disability Benefit.

I know it is possible to get this legislation past the finish line if MPs, of all political parties, work together despite partisanship.

Living with a disability should not mean living in poverty. This is a historic opportunity that we cannot miss to change the lives of many.

I’m counting on you.


(Your name)

Thank you in advance for your support and contribution to our collective strength.

Best regards,


Karla Verschoor

Executive Director

Office: 604-777-9100 ext. 516