Barb’s New Book – Surviving A Storm

You may have heard that Barb Westfield’s latest project has been to write a book about her life story.  She has been working with a volunteer, telling her stories, and now the book is ready! Barb has a copy to show you, but you can also order your own copy online at the following link:

Barb's book cover

Barb’s book cover

Surviving a Storm is the real-life tale of Barbara Anne Westfield’s life. A truely inspiring story of how she lived institutionalized for over fifty years and how she finally gained her independence at sixty years of age. She shares the ups and the downs that have made her the strong, independant woman that she is today.

“This is my story of survival. 

I am writing this book to fight for those I have met along the way who never got to tell their stories.  It is for the millions of people out there that suffer in silence, mistreated because they are different and vulnerable. 

I am Barb Westfield.  Hear me roar!”

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