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Staff Access

CARF Accreditation Update

Thank you to everyone who visited with our CARF Program Surveyor, Linda Siino from San Jose, California this week.  She was very impressed with the way our services are customized to each person we support, with attention to their unique interests, strengths and abilities.   This CARF survey is different from any we have done in the past as all the visits and interviews were conducted remotely.  A combination of phone calls and TEAMS meetings allowed Linda to visit each of our Community Housing locations – East 2nd, East 15th and Bert & Linda’s.  As well, she met people who were served in Home Share and their Home Share providers, and people who live in their own apartments, and people in community inclusion activities.

One of her observations was that many of the staff she talked to have been with us for a long time and were very dedicated to the people they support.

Her report will be combined with the report of our Administrative Surveyor, who is not visiting with us until June 21, 2021.

 CARF Accreditation means that our services meet international standards for quality.  Our services are surveyed every three years to confirm our ongoing focus on quality improvement. Watch for the final report which we should receive toward the end of July.