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Equal Work Equal Pay BC – We Need Your Support

Take two minutes to click the link, Send a Letter, Enter your address to find your MLA, and click SEND! Continue reading

Remembering Mildred DeHaan

Mildred DeHaan, one of the early family leaders for deinstitutionalization in BC and a great friend of Spectrum, passed away on June 9, 2020, just a few days away from her 101st birthday. Continue reading

Five Weeks In – Keeping People Safe and Healthy

We have been living and working in this state of emergency for five weeks now and I want to thank everyone for their patience, calmness and hard work.  There have been a lot of changes to  adapt to over the past five weeks and I wanted to review and remind you of the importance of these measures.  These are emergency measures though, and we hope to start moving back towards normal soon, following the Provincial Health Officer’s advice.  Continue reading

One Week at a Time

As we round off week four and head into the long weekend, we want to pause for a moment and reflect on some of the positive things that are happening.  There is much to be thankful for.  The people we support, and the staff and caregivers supporting them, are staying safe and healthy.  Continue reading

Re-Scheduled! Madagascar Fundraiser – March 8, 2019

Community Development Project in Madagascar Fundraiser Rachelle Czerwinski has been involved in this poverty alleviation project since 2009.  Funds raised are used to support a community garden, solar cooking, after school activities for the children (mostly drawing and coloring as … Continue reading

Remembering Diane Blackwood

We will miss Diane greatly. Her contributions to making Spectrum a strong person-centred agency simply cannot be measured. She was a friend, a mentor, and a role model. Continue reading

Community Living in New Zealand

I was invited in October to visit New Zealand by Michael Kendrick, PhD and assist with instructing his course called Optimal Individualized Service Design (OISD). Continue reading

World Down Syndrome Day Presentations in Richmond

I was invited to present to a group of parents and educators at the Richmond School Board on April 11, 2018.  Continue reading

Team News – November 17, 2017

Policy Committee Meeting Nov 7 2017 – Talented Team Members! – Requirements – Please check your paystub and update your requirements – Personal Changes for Your Benefits – Municipal Pension Plan Information Continue reading

Gentle Teaching International 2017

The Gentle Teaching Conference in downtown Vancouver gave participants an opportunity to learn about the basics of Gentle Teaching and hear how it is being used around the world, from Iceland and the Netherlands, to Michigan and Saskatchewan. Continue reading