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Community Events

What’s happening in your community in March?  

March’s Vancouver calendar features important dates and events in the Lower Mainland including shows, concerts, spring festivals, markets and events.

Link to March events around the city:


The Flame New West Reignited is an adult presentation.
March 1st, 2020 at 7:00 pm at Plaskett Gallery at Massey Theatre
New Westminster, BC



March 1st, 2020 at 1:00 pm

Vancouver Public Library, Alice McKay Room, 350 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

Join us for an afternoon of energetic and soulful music with the Universal Gospel Choir.  This event is FREE and POPULAR so make sure to show up early!


Madagascar Green Community's photo.

Discover Madagascar Day

Link to Website:   Madagascar Green Community
Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
at Peretz Centre for Secular Jewish Culture
6184 Ash Street, Vancouver, BC  V5Z 3G9
RISE Community Health Centre (CHC)
We are excited to announce the launch of RISE Community Health Centre (CHC)! RISE connects Renfrew-Collingwood community members who have difficulty accessing health care to a health care team and social supports. RISE also provides health promotion programs and events to the broader Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood.

In April 2020, RISE will begin to offer its full range of services at 3425 Crowley Dr. Currently, limited services are available at CNH Joyce on a referral basis.

Learn more about RISE and Community Health Centres.



Thank you Kara for sharing this gem.  Her team has been using this service periodically and have found, ” I was impressed by the value, it’s a local company, convenience and packaging is eco friendly.  Meals look delicious too.  Thought it might be helpful for others to know about ”

Better Meals offer a selection of meal plans to meet varied dietary restrictions and are delivered to your door.

Our preparation and delivery service saves you time and the worry for preparing meals and allows you to focus on the activities that you enjoy doing in life:

  • Delivered weekly to your door
  • Packaged meals that are easy store and carry.
  • Save time for dish washing, grocery and cooking
  • Packaged meals are easy to serve: 5 minutes for microwave and 30 minutes for oven to serve
  • Deliver meals in biodegradable containers for environmentally friendly disposal


Cold Water Ranch Lodge 

Respite at the Cold Water Ranch
The Cold Water Ranch Lodge is an accessible respite lodge that welcomes kids and adults living with a disability for a stay, together with their loved ones.  The lodge is the
first of it’s kind in BC.  At no charge, it offers family a much-needed place to rest, recharge, and reconnect.  The Cold Water Ranch Lodge is available to children and adults living with a disability.  They are able to book a bedroom pod in the lodge and bring up to 6 of their loved ones (or their respite worker).  Eligible guests only pay a one-time minimal cleaning fee.

Disability organizations are able to book the lodge if 30% of the guests included are individuals with disabilities.  A cleaning fee applies.

Retreat Rentals

Corporate and other groups can rent the lodge for team-building retreats.  The rental income will be used for the operations and ongoing maintenance of the lodge.  That way thousands of families in need will be able to enjoy the lodge for years to come.

How to Book:  To make a reservation for your stay at the lodge, visit:


Kudoz is an experience platform connecting people with and without disabilities to splendid things to do, together.

Locals host anything from anime drawing to bread making to city politics.

Youth & adults with cognitive disabilities search the platform and book experiences to try!

Everyone is welcome at Reflection Cafe to swap photos & stories
from experiences.

Earn badges for stretching yourself! Badges go great on resumes.

Along the way, access our free learning coaches to build motivation & hone your skills.

Check out more at: