Society for Community Living

Wage Equity Update #23

 April 30, 2009

To:                  All Spectrum Employees

From:              Ernie Baatz, Executive Director


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the wage and benefits options survey. 


Spectrum Society is committed to fair wages for our employees.  Although our funders provided the increases to address “cost pressures” we have continued to apply all of this new funding to wage increases.


This year, the choices that the Policy & Procedures committee wanted your input on were:

- An across the board percentage wage increase
- A flat increase on all wage grids
- An increase to the lowest rates for each position
- An increase to the highest rates for each position  
- An increase for the key worker increment

The survey results were reviewed by the Policy and Procedures committee on April 15, 2009 and the following wage grids were approved.  These recommendations were taken to our board of Directors where they also gave their approval.

Position Starting Rate After 1,500 hours After 3,000 hours After 4,500 hrs
Asleep Night 9.00 9.30 9.60 10.00
Awake Night 12.90 13.75 14.40 15.10
CSW 15.15 15.70 16.30 17.50
Key Worker 15.40 15.95 16.55 17.75
Manager 18.90 19.65 20.40 21.40

One of the decisions that Spectrum and the Policy committee made focused on the increasing cost of benefits.  Our dental plan premiums increased 42% this year, and we had a number of options to review - cutting dental benefits in a few different areas or taking some of the wage increase funding and applying it to the benefits costs.  Policy committee members felt strongly that protecting the dental plan with its current coverage was most important and the increases above reflect a small portion directed towards benefits costs.   

What are the future plans for wages and benefits for Spectrum Employees?  Spectrum has spent the past year supporting the development of the Community Living Agencies Network (CLAN BC).  CLAN has developed a pension proposal for non-union agencies and their employees, and has begun work on a bargaining mechanism for non-union agencies and government. 

If you have questions or concerns, please speak to your Policy Committee representative.  Thank you all for your support, and congratulations to everyone on our successful advocacy efforts.                                                                                                                                 

Policy Committee Website:  www.spectrumsociety.org/policy

Community Living Agencies Network: www.clanbc.ca