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Employment Supports News September 6, 2016

Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) needs a bit of help from Kelly Reaburn

As of August 20th – September 5th, 2016, Kelly will be part of the team in our annual fair entertainment that British Columbia is well known for, the PNE! He was hired to clean the grounds and washrooms to ensure the highest quality is delivered to its guests!

It was his first experience of doing a group interview to be eligible to be part of the PNE team. There were six people that listened to staff talking about the history and asking questions about the PNE. Then they were put to the test of being introduced to games and activities, such as playing with a deck of cards and then holding a card to the forehead to try to guess what card that was received. Kelly was very interested in the games that were introduced as it demonstrated the values and the principles of the PNE – what a neat way to deliver its message!

Generally, Kelly works about 3 days a week for 6 hours a day. His duties include cleaning the grounds and the washrooms. Often, he interacts with customers if they ask him for directions or other information about the PNE. When asked if he likes what he does, he is not loving it because cleaning the washrooms is like a business and he just goes there to do his job. With his wage he receives, they automatically deposit it in the bank so he can save money.

He has some advice for jobseekers to maintain their motivation as they look for work. He tells them to be themselves, be confident, and think positively. Good words to live by! Thank you Kelly and congratulations for your much success!

The next Employment Support Group Meeting is Friday, September 9th, 2016.

RSVP by Thursday September 8th, 2016 to

  • What is your plan(s) for the fall?
  • How do you make plans?
  • How do you focus on the plans?

As the Fall begins, we will take the time to discuss plans as they relate to employment!

See the poster here!

CLBC’s Community Action Employment Plan has been renewed for the next three years – 2016 to 2019.  They have outlined new actions towards achieving their goal of having 25% of people receiving CLBC services reporting income.

The plan’s three-year goal was to assist 1,200 more people to access employment. As of March 2016, CLBC and all of its partners were pleased to acknowledge that we had exceeded our goal, with data showing 1,800 more people  reporting income for a total 4,000 people (21 per cent of people CLBC serves). CLBC and its partners recognize there is still much work to be done. We’ve set a new three year goal of 25 per cent of CLBC-served individuals reporting income, or about 5,000 people. You can read about the first two years of achievements for the Plan here.

The Community Action Employment Plan – Priorities 2016-2019 outlines which key initiatives from the Plan released in 2013 will be the focus for the next three years.  This includes implementing the development of local employment plans across BC.

Read more at CLBC’s website.

New Study proposes six strategies to improve labour force participation by people with disabilities

Montreal – The federal government should improve real employment opportunities for persons with disabilities by connecting them with employers, and by supporting employers in the provision of work accommodations, says a new study by the Institute for Research on Public Policy.

“Canadians with disabilities should have access to real work for real pay, and their rights should be protected by labour legislation and safety standards, on an equal basis with other workers,” says author Michael Prince (Lansdowne Professor of Social Policy with the University of Victoria).

Michael Prince proposes a six-point strategy for governments to improve labour force participation by people with disabilities:

  1. renew the Canadian vision on disability and citizenship;
  2. improve transition planning for youth;
  3. expand post-secondary education;
  4. foster improvement in workplace practices;
  5. enhance employment services and supports; and
  6. modernize labour market agreements.

Read more at:

FSI FamilyWorks

Do you have positive stories about employment?

We are launching a familyWORKs social media campaign to reach new families through Facebook and Instagram by publishing positive and inspirational stories of real individuals participating in employed roles.

The campaign will be modeled after the very successful Instagram and blog, Humans of New York, which features authentic stories of citizens in New York and around the world (often receiving hundreds of thousands of “likes” and comments per posting). We are confident that through social media, FSI will be able to connect with families who are not aware of the posabilites of employment for people with diverse abilities.

We are aiming to inspire families by demonstrating that career success with a disability is possible and achieved by many!

We encourage everyone to get involved with this fun and creative project by gathering any individual to share photos and a short write-up about their career experiences (what they enjoy, a funny story, etc). 

This project is open to all families, organizations, and employers to share their stories on achieving more inclusive employment opportunities.

Please support familyWORKs’ new project and spread the word to help us reach people throughout all of BC!

Send submissions to with your story, picture, and consent form

Consent form:
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