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Folks We Care About: Lisa Tran


Dear Lisa

Congratulations on achieving 100 hours of volunteer service!

Volunteers are critical to the success of the Vancouver Aquarium’s mission and goals. With your support we are able to provide an amazing and engaging experience for our visitors and program participants. Together we connect with our community, educate them about issues affecting marine life and inspire them to take action in their daily lives to save energy, protect our oceans and support our conservation efforts.

As a small token of our thanks please come to the Volunteer Services office so we can present you with a recognition button acknowledging your success. Please wear it proudly on your lanyard or uniform.

As you know, the more involved you get with this fascinating place, the more you will want to do. You are a part of an award winning volunteer team and we want you to know how valued you are. On behalf of all staff, we’d like to express our thanks for making the Aquarium a great place to work and congratulations on reaching 100 hours of service!

As part of our new recognition plan, you can now redeem your hours in a point system that will allow you to choose your own gift. Volunteers can choose to accumulate points or to redeem them within 30 days of receiving their award. A complete list of prizes with their respective hour/point price and the policies for the new recognition plan can be found at volunteer services or requested via email.


Lindsay, Beth, Zoë and Neil

Your Volunteer Services team