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Folks We Care About -Trevor MacPherson

Trevor is a very social person so one of his main goals is to make and see as many friends as possible and before Covid he we would regularly attend events and activities that would include connecting with lots of people/friends.

As you can imagine Covid has greatly impacted Trevor’s goal to make and see friends, so he was struggling to find things to do that would interest him. Thankfully, a few months ago he heard about some online bingo events that were put on by Spectrum.

Trevor highly enjoyed this and gave him a taste of what connecting with friends over Zoom was like. He then was able to join more virtual events hosted through Since then, Trevor and his support staff Roxane have been participating every day in a different online event ranging from karaoke to art classes. It has brought Trevor so much joy as lots of people attend and as a result, he has ended up making lots of new friends that he gets to see every day of the week.

His favorite events are the karaoke and music therapy events as Trevor gets to request songs as well as sing and dance along with everyone.