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Health & Safety Newsletter November 2011

Health & Safety Newsletter November 2011

Office Hours for the Upcoming Holidays!

December 23rd: closed (in lieu of Christmas day)
December 26th:  closed (boxing day)
December 27, 28, 29, 30th: Regular Hours
January 2nd 2012: Closed (in lieu of January 1st, New Years Day)
January 3rd 2012: Return to regular office hours

Tips for Tackling Winter Weather

– Layer clothing and wear thermals to help keep you warm and dry.
– Ensure you wear a hat, gloves, thick socks and shoes that match your activity and weather conditions.
– Shovel and salt your driveways in the evening to prevent freezing from occurring overnight.
– Ensure your tires are appropriate for the weather conditions and if you plan on taking any kind of road-trip, check road conditions before you leave.
– When driving for a significant period of time, make sure you keep a first aid kit, blankets, and food in your car in case of an emergency.
– Be aware of black ice when walking and driving – – stay alert, stay in control, and keep a healthy distance from the car in front of you.

WorksafeBC has a new website on safety tips for the winter:

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