Preparation for Hire Package Meeting

We are happy to be offering you a position with Spectrum Society for Community Living!

You have received an email with a date and time to complete your Hire Package.  There are a number of forms to complete and if you are able, you can complete them before the meeting and review them at the meeting to ensure accuracy and completeness.

These are the forms you will be completing at the Hire Package Meeting:

Please ensure that you bring the following with you to your hire package meeting:

  • Drivers License or BCID, Permanent Resident Card
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) Card
  • Care Card
  • Void Cheque (for payroll direct deposit)
  • Copies of any relevant certificates (First Aid, Crisis Prevention, Community Support, Care Aid etc.)
  • Driver’s abstract (if relevant to position and you already have a copy)

Please ensure that you read the following section prior to your hire package appointment:
Code of Conduct & Privacy Policy:
Our Code of Conduct & Privacy Policy describes our expectations for employees, volunteers and practicum students.  Please read this and be prepared to sign the final page at your hiring package meeting.  

Here is a link below to our General and Personnel Policies & Procedures, so that you can pre-read them at your leisure.

The Spectrum website also offers an array of helpful tools for our staff; Paystub Inserts, Newsletters, Job postings, etc. Our Health and Safety Committee has a page that provides information on our commitment to ensuring you are safe and prepared for work. Please feel free to explore the website and make yourself comfortable with some of these great features.

Please also become familiar with our Strategic Plan, it drives what we do and how we do it!

I look forward to meeting with you! Please contact us if you have any questions or difficulty making your arranged time.

Thank you!