Sharevision Transition January 2014

We have upgraded our Sharevision service to improve security and privacy.

The new sharevision is now linked on the Spectrum Home Page – New Sharevision – with the link

To access the new Sharevision, you need a new username and password because this version is on a different server and your older user account does not work on the new computer.

As soon as you log in, please change your password by clicking on your name at the top right and using the drop down menu to select – Change My Password.

The old Sharevision will still be around for the next six months while we ensure all necessary information is transferred, but will eventually be shut down with the information on it archived.  Please don’t update information on the old Sharevision.  There are some teams that will use the old Sharevision for one last set of quarterly reports – ending December 31, 2013.

Link to Old Sharevision