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Include Me! Quality of Life Survey

Individuals supported by Spectrum Society have been invited to take part in the Include Me! Quality of Life Survey…… Your manager will be connecting with you over the next few weeks to ask you about this process.  The survey is voluntary but we do you need you to confirm whether you will or will not be taking the survey.  Below you will find links to information about Dr. Robert Schalock’s framework to measure the quality of life with answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Link to Introduction/Overview: Include-Me-Info-Sheet-Overview

Link for Individuals: Include-Me-Info-Sheet-FAQ-Individuals

Link for Family Members: Include-Me-Info-Sheet-FAQ-Families

All CLBC-supported individuals who complete the quality of life questions can choose to be entered in a draw for a chance to win an iPad, iPod, or a $25 Tim Hortons gift card!