Program Manager

Posting #: 8

Status: Open

Program #: 8

Posting date: 21-12-2011

Closing date: 04-01-2012

Classification: Permanent full-time

Program: #8 G.B.

Highlights: You will be supporting a team with input from the family to maintain and build upon the "good life" that G.B. currently has. G.B. is a very social man who likes being out and active in his community. He likes being out and about and doing things, but needs to have down time built into his days. His sister is very involved in his life, you will need to support the team and G.B. to support and foster that relationship.

Location: Vancouver (west side)

Reports to: Program Coordinator

Rate of pay: As per current pay scale

Probation: 3 months

Driving requirements: Driver's license (Class 5), Use of personal vehicle for work,

Special training or experience required: Supervision / management, Dealing with challenging behavior, Computer proficiency (email, Word, internet usage),

Preferred training or experience: A couple of years of previous supervisory experience. Experience with personal care. Excellent stress management skills.

Expected hours of work: Thurs 8:30 am - 10:30 pm + O/N and 8 hours of admin time.

Start date: 15-01-2012

To apply, quote posting number and apply to: