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New Rates for Benefits in 2018

The Provincial Government has cut the Medical Services Plan premiums by 50% effective January 1, 2018.  This reduction has allowed us to remove the employee contribution to MSP – the $13.50 per pay period that was deducted from your cheque if you have MSP coverage through Spectrum.  MSP premiums will now be covered 100% by Spectrum.  They are a taxable benefit, so you will still pay tax on the premiums.

Our benefits through the Community Services Benefits Trust (CSBT) were also renewed effective January 1, 2018 and there were only small rate changes:

  • Life Insurance ($50,000 coverage) increases from $7 per month to $7.35 per month
  • Accident and Serious Illness coverage (ASI) increases from 2.90 to $3.05 per month
  • Dependent Life Insurance increases from $1.09 to $1.14 per month
  • Long Term Disability (LTD) coverage increases from 3.427% to 3.499%

Municipal Pension Plan (MPP) rates did not change for employees – they remain at 8.5%, but Spectrum’s employer rate increased slightly from 9.49% to 9.69%.

Finally, our WorkSafeBC rates, paid by the employer, increased from 1.84% to 1.92% of payroll.  This is a discount from the base WorkSafe rates because we have a lower than average injury rate.  You can help us keep this rate down by identifying safety concerns with your supervisor and helping new staff understand safe practices.

If your personal circumstances have changed, you might benefit by completing new TD-1’s for your personal tax exemption information.  The 2018 TD-1’s are available online at:

Download the form, fill it out, print and sign it, and send it to the office to update your payroll record.