October 11, 2012 David Pitonyak “The Importance of Belonging” Vancouver

David Pitonyak PhD

Being connected to the people we love is critical to our emotional and physical well-being.  Many people experiencing our services are sick from loneliness.  This workshop is about ideas for moving beyond interventions and coverage to a system that supports enduring, freely chosen relationships.


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At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have developed knowledge in the following areas:

  • The impact of loneliness in the lives of people who experience disabilities, particularly as it relates to difficult behaviors;
  • The importance of going home to the people we love as an important organizing strategy for helping people to develop relationships;
  • Strategies for helping people who are lonely to develop enduring, freely chosen, positive relationships.
  • Problem-solving strategies for times when relationships are unbalanced or slow in developing.

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