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Staff Access

Community Inclusion

Spectrum Society helps people become important members of their community through Community Inclusion services. How this happens is different for each person.

We don’t have a regular program during the day like other places. Instead, we give personalized support to help people find what they’re good at and what they like to do. We do this in regular places, like where people live in their neighborhoods.

People might want to work, volunteer, stay healthy, go to school, or explore their community. The people who help them, including friends and family, respect their choices and treat them with dignity.

In a regular day program, support happens at certain times, mostly on weekdays. But our community inclusion services are flexible. They’re made to fit each person’s needs, even if that means help on evenings or weekends. We also understand that people might not need help forever, or they might need different amounts of help over time. So, we regularly check in to make sure everyone is getting the right support to be as independent as they want.

Spectrum’s community inclusion services are funded by CLBC. For more information, you can call the Spectrum office and ask to speak to someone from our community inclusion team.