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Staff Access
Shelley and Tessa smiling for the camera

Staffed Living

Spectrum Society offers housing and support to around 60 people in different parts of Greater Vancouver. They live in duplexes, houses, or apartments. Some of these homes belong to Spectrum, while others are owned or rented by the people we support or their families.

In East Vancouver, Spectrum runs two duplex homes. Each suite in these duplexes is shared by two people. Staff are available all day, every day. People who live here also join various activities outside their homes during the weekdays.

In our supported living services, people we support live in their own homes, either alone or with someone they choose. Some have roommates who don’t pay rent but are available overnight. Others have caregivers who are paid and might help at night or during evenings and weekends. More staff support might be given based on each person’s needs.

Funding for Spectrum’s residential services comes from different places like Community Living BC, local Health Authorities, BC Housing Management Commission, and microboards. The funding authority decides who is eligible and makes referrals.