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Person Centred Planning through an Indigenous Lens – First Year Report

We applied for an innovation grant last year from CLBC and received one year of funding to explore the issue of person centred planning through an indigenous lens.

Focusing on people supported by Spectrum who are Indigenous, the purpose of this project was to document, develop and refine a model for person-centred planning that is culturally sensitive and will engage people in planning that is meaningful to them.

The project was led by Spectrum coordinator Eilidh Nicholson, in partnership with Indigenous Knowledge Keeper Priscilla Omulo. Together they developed the project plan and co-created the planning framework. Priscilla advised us every step of the way, sharing her vast experience and knowledge of Indigenous teaching and practices. She provided invaluable context and guidance around Indigenous ceremony including the medicine wheel. She explained the importance of ceremony and protocol when supporting people with planning.

A guiding principle for the project was “do no harm.” We know that many people have had negative experiences with planning in their past. We made it clear in all our communications with individuals and families that participation in the project was voluntary and that people were free to change their minds at any time if they did not wish to continue. Person-centred planning is about supporting people to pursue their hopes and dreams. It is meant to be a positive and empowering experience.

You can read more about the project in the final report, linked here:

Let us know if you have any questions.

This project was made possible by a grant from Community Living BC.  As well, we would like to thank the VCC Faculty Association for their donation that assisted us with the provision of supplies and refreshments at gatherings.