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Sacred Journey – July 15–Feb 20, 2023


Science World is honoured to host Sacred Journey, to share a powerful story of canoe resurgence as told by its leaders, and to uphold narratives of Indigenous Peoples as knowledge keepers.

Sacred Journey – Science World

Bákvḷá For the Heiltsuk, food is medicine. Food security means maintaining and protecting not just their food system, but also protecting and strengthening their people and culture. Developed from the dissertation of Vina Brown, a member of the Heiltsuk Nation and a PhD candidate, Bákvḷá explores a holistic approach to Heiltsuk food …

Free Admission for Indigenous Peoples

To celebrate, we’re offering free admission for Indigenous Peoples from July 15–Feb 20, 2023.

You are welcome to walk up in-person for a free visit. Please let the Admissions staffin know you are using the coupon code “SACREDJOURNEYSW” or that you self-identify as Indigenous. You can also purchase a ticket on our website with the same code.

If you have any questions, please contact and our team will gladly assist you.