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Staff Access

Spectrum Covid-19 Rapid Testing Clinic

With the support the Red Cross and the Government of Canada, we have received supplies to allow us to run a clinic to provide Rapid Antigen Tests for Spectrum staff, caregivers, volunteers and people we support. The tests are available as another safeguard to keep us all safer by detecting an infection before there are symptoms.  If you already have symptoms, you should stay home and call 811.

We are just testing out our clinic setup tomorrow, Thursday, Friday this week, and Monday, Tuesday next week, at the Barb Goode Training Centre, two doors west of the Spectrum Office at 3223 Kingsway.

You can book an appointment below, or just DROP IN.  We have four stations and it only takes 20 minutes, so you won’t have to wait.

9am to Noon – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

You will get a waiver form when you arrive, and after signing, you will be provided with a swab to do your own sample.  Then our staff will test the sample and provide you with your result after 15 minutes.  The results are confidential.  Red Cross requires us to report aggregate data only – the number of tests conducted, the number that were positive and the number that were negative.

 Reasons you might get a rapid test:

  1. A weekly rapid test will keep you and your team safer because you’ll be alerted if you do not have symptoms but are infectious.
  2. You may have a family member with symptoms and want to confirm you are not infectious.
  3. You had a recent contact with someone who has tested positive (3-5 days). 
  4. You are going to be spending some time with friends or family and want extra assurance that you are not infectious before you gather.  

Right now, the clinic is open 9am to Noon.  Are there times that would work better for you?  Let us know!