Workshop Feedback

I feel like this workshop has added some very positive momentum to what I try to accomplish as a support worker.”

“Presenters really listened and you never felt rushed or put down.”

“Always turn a problem into an opportunity. Positive attracts positive.”

“Great workshop and very informative.” “Great opportunity for discussion.”

“Thanks – I’m inspired to bring this back to the work and to my life.”

“This was a very well done presentation – good speakers and powerpoint – well organized – very informative.”

“Confirmed my beliefs and values; allowed me a voice.”

“Excellent people running the workshop. Very informative and insightful.”

“I liked the anecdotes that you gave, they were great.”

“I enjoyed all the exercises, especially the Solution Circle. I enjoyed the positive energy that seemed to permeate the room.”

“Hearing everybody, stimulation, variety of ideas, opportunity to contribute, flexibility, timing of talk/listen/activity.”

“Everyone is participating and brainstorming. Lively.”

“Meeting people from other organizations. Different roles – staff / parent / family. Stories of individuals.”

“Great overall look at the importance of relationships. Passion and commitment of the presenters for the material.”

“Realistic examples given of actual situations and people and their goals.”