Spectrum Society Acquired Brain Injury Supports

Spectrum offers person centered, goal focused supports for people living with an Acquired Brain Injury from trauma, stroke, brain tumour, aneurysm, or other causes resulting in physical, cognitive and emotional changes. Spectrum’s services aim to enhance quality of life by providing unique supports to each person derived from their individual plans.

What we offer:

  • Opportunities for people to choose their own supports based on their goals and interests.
  • Building Partnerships with the natural and professional supports that already surround the person
  • Life skills training that aims at increasing independence in cooking, cleaning, transit, budgeting, healthy living goals etc.
  • Creating individualized services for each person based on the goals and plans of that person.
  • Individual plans and goals with innovative and creative results
  • Flexible support hours based upon the person’s choice and schedule
  • Expanding individuals personal network and community participation
  • One to one supports
  • Assisting with rehabilitation programs developed by OT’s and PT’s
  • Working collaboratively with various funders such as Fraser Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, Crime Victims Services, law firms etc.

Each individual identifies qualities of preferred support based on their preferences, needs and interests. The person chooses their own life skills worker. Individuals and their supports (family, professionals and friends) set up regular meeting times to work on the individual goals and plans.
The individual is central in the development of their support plan and goals. We are creative in striving for the individual’s success.

We assist individuals in the enhancement of their quality of life by creating opportunities to develop and increase community involvement and natural supports. This is accomplished by building partnerships with the person and their families, friends and natural supports and encouraging and developing new supports, social contacts, personal relationships, and community integration.