Community Inclusion


Spectrum Society’s Community Inclusion services assist people to be contributing members of their community.  How that happens is up to each individual.

Spectrum does not operate a traditional day program.  Instead, we provide personalized support to help people identify their strengths and interests, and pursue activities of their choosing.  We do this in typical settings, in the neighbourhoods and communities where people live.

Individuals may want to work, volunteer, get physically fit, go to school, or just get out and explore their community.  The people who they and their network decide to assist them will honour their choices and respect their dignity.  When we talk about “networks” we mean the person’s friends, family, and significant others: those who know and care about the person and can help them to envision and plan for a good life in community.

In a traditional day program, support is provided during set times, typically on weekdays only.  Spectrum’s community inclusion services are flexibly designed around the unique needs of each person, which may include evening or weekend hours if that’s what’s going to be most beneficial.  Also, we don’t assume that everyone will need support forever, or will need the same amount of support over time.  Through good person-centred planning, we regularly check in to make sure each person is getting the support they need to be as independent as they want to be.

Spectrum’s community inclusion services are funded by CLBC.  For more information, please call the Spectrum office and ask to speak to someone from our community inclusion team.