Employment First

Strategic Direction

  • In our new Strategic Plan, we’ve re-emphasized employment as a priority when planning with individuals and families.
  • Spectrum Society will support employment as a first option for those who want to work, with 75% of individuals in our community inclusion services having documented employment plans by 2020.

Karen Lai is our primary employment specialist, acting as a resource to managers and teams who support people interested in employment.

Employment Stories: 

One way we have been raising the profile of employment and encouraging more people to explore employment is to share stories of people and their employment strategies.  You can see all the employment stories collected here.  Watch for stories coming out in our weekly email newsletter.

Coming Employment Events:

We welcome you to… an Employment Discussion

WHEN: Friday, January, 18th, 2019 – 4pm – 7pm
WHERE: Barb Goode Training Room – Spectrum Society for Community Living
3223 Kingsway (two doors down from Spectrum Office)

Do you want to know about employment?
What kinds of opportunities are out there?
How can I find something I like?
Or more questions. .???

For more information or RSVP:

Karen Lai karen.lai@spectrumsociety.org or 604-889-7961
Emma Grenkie emma.grenkie@spectrumsociety.org or 604-831-1093

Breannah Nicolson – breannah.nicolson@spectrumsociety.org

Resources on the Web: