Successful Partnership with Carillion


Highlighting one of our key Employers… Carillion

Written by Karen Lai

As the employment connector, I just successfully placed a third candidate to work as a cleaner for the airport. One of Carillion’s biggest clients is the YVR Airport where it provides the cleaning staff for all areas including the washrooms and the food court. Carillion’s mission is to make tomorrow a better place and to be a leader in providing integrated solutions for infrastructure, buildings and services.

With the airport as their client, they have many opportunities for job seekers to match their skills to the duties at hand, and they really value diversity at hand. They have positioned themselves as valuing each of their staff members, in every activity from the interview process to the training routine. They really want to see all of their staff succeed, so if their initial department doesn’t work for them, then they are open to work with the immediate supervisor and you to determine the perfect fit.

With the interview process, they meet people where they are at. It’s all about having conversations with their new hires and finding out what they are interested in and passionate about. Some of our job seekers don’t do well with a typical Q and A situation, so they adapt. Instead, they quickly encourage the job seeker to complete the appropriate paperwork and then let them follow the work, being trained with someone else, and really demonstrate the tasks rather than promote them to use their verbal skills. They are really open in finding out what works for them.

They have employed three of the job seekers that I have put forth, and they can really witness the benefits of how work plays a key role in a person’s life. It gives them a sense of purpose and builds their confidence. As one of the staff tells me, “… now he comes in and tells me about hockey and really knows how to converse with us, which is so different than when we met with him initially“.

They are always encouraging me to send them more candidates! Congratulations on building a truly inclusive workforce!

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