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What To Do In Toronto This Easter Long Weekend - Medallion Corporation



Two New Days Added to Spectrum Holidays

The Provincial Government recently amended the Employment Standards to add the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation as a Statutory Holiday. Along with the new statutory holiday, we have added Easter Monday as a holiday.

Easter Monday is on April 10th this year.  If you work on this day, you will get 1.5X pay for the first 12 hours worked and 2x pay for hours beyond 12 hours worked.  If you qualify for a day off with pay you will get an average day of pay added to your paycheque.

Here is a link to the updated policy:

In recognition of the diversity of our employees we have also added a clause about recognizing other holidays that may be more important to you than the legislated holidays.

(k)       Alternative Holidays

Employees can take alternative days as paid holidays by banking their regular day of pay from Easter Monday and/or Boxing Day and using those hours for a day meaningful for their family.  Some examples are National Indigenous Peoples Day, Louis Riel Day, Nowruz, Vaisakhi, Rosh Hashanah or Lunar New Year.  Please provide two weeks notice to your supervisor of your requested day off.

If you have any questions, please email


SAVE THE DATE for Spectrum’s Annual Summer Picnic!

WHEN: Wednesday, July 19th, 2023

TIME: 2pm – 6pm


More details to follow closer to the date!


Community Resources

Access 2 Program

Designed for people of all ages who have a permanent disability and require the assistance of a support person, this is a collaborative partnership between Easter Seals and over 500 movie theatres, cultural attractions, entertainment venues, and recreation facilities across Canada.  When an Access 2 cardholder (the individual with the permanent disability) presents their valid Access 2 Card at any participating venue partner, their support person receives free admission; the cardholder pays regular admission.

Click Here for More Information

Leisure Access Card

The Leisure Access Program (LAP) provides City of Vancouver residents with low-income with free and reduced cost programs and services at Park Board facilities.

Click Here for More Information

Mobi Bikes Community Pass

The Community Pass supports increased equity and accessibility offering discounted 365 Day Passes so that more people can enjoy the benefits of bike share. For only $20, you can purchase a 365 Day Pass Plus membership with unlimited 60 minute rides.

Click Here to Apply

Kettle Ticket Program

If you have a client that has a mental health issue (no documentation is required) you can go to the Kettle and become a member here. This is a free ticket program whereby clients/members and their guest/s are invited to attend rehearsals and live performances throughout the Vancouver area. Christine receives the invitation usually by email and she then advertises the event 4 ways: 1. By placing the poster of the event on the downstairs and upstairs entertainment board at Kettle Main Site. 2. By staff announcement in the drop-in at lunch. 3. By email to the Kettle Membership.

How tickets are distributed:

1. Tickets are on a first come/first served basis

2. Limit of 2 tickets per person (subject to availability)

3. A return email by Christine or the Kettle Ticket Volunteer at Reception confirms you

are signed up and receiving your ticket/s.

4. Sufficient notice must be given if unable to attend an event – One day by voicemail (604-251-2801) or email ( or

5. TICKET PICK UP PERFORMANCES: Tickets MUST be picked up before 10am

on the day of the event. At 10am: this gives Christine time to call waitlist people and

have them come in to pick up the ticket/s in the afternoon.

6. Without calling Christine or the Kettle Ticket Program Volunteer at Reception to

advise you are unable to attend an event (with sufficient notice, one day before by

10am) and if you also have 2 “no shows” for events within the same calendar year,

Members will be placed on a 3 month restriction to attend performances



Wage Equity Update # 37  March 2023

Equal Pay Increases for 2022, 2023 and 2024! 

The Provincial Government has confirmed equal pay increases for union and non-union workers in the Community Social Service sector! This is a return to government’s practice over the previous ten years of providing the same increases to all workers and is in response to your pressure on government to value all workers providing these essential community services.  

Retroactive to April 2022, the Province is providing funding for three increases: 

–        A $0.25/hour increment for hourly pay grids.

–        A 3.24% increase to wages. 

–        A Low Wage Redress (LWR) increase to provide comparability with similar positions in community health.  This increase is approximately 2% but the exact distribution of the funds is still being determined.  

Beginning in April 2023, the Province is providing funding for two increases:

–        A 5.5% increase to wages. 

–        A Cost of Living Allowance of up to 1.25%.  The exact number for this increase will be determined by CSSEA.  

Beginning in April 2024, the Province is providing funding for two increases:

–        A 2% increase to wages. 

–        A Cost of Living Allowance of up to 1%.  The exact number for this increase will be determined by CSSEA. 

We plan on providing the wage increases in the first pay period in April 2023.  This will depend on CSSEA confirming the increases for LWR and the Cost of Living Allowance in time to enter the rates into payroll.  

We will calculate retroactive pay for the April 2022 increases and pay it to you when we have received the funding from the Province.  

Additional Changes to Provincial Funding:

Mileage: The rate per kilometer is increasing from 0.50 to 0.61/km effective April 1 2023. 

New Statutory Holiday: The National Day of Truth and Reconciliation has been declared a Provincial Holiday and employees will receive a day off with pay and overtime if they work on the day.  

Thank you for your service to the people we support to have good lives in the community. We will continue to work with you to ensure our wages, benefits and policies provide you with the support you need to be successful in our work.

This is also available as a PDF:


Pros & Cons of Employee Assistance Programs | Nivati

For those receiving benefits with Spectrum, we offer our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) to provide 24/7 confidential support to our employees. If you are not currently receiving group benefits but are in need of support, please reach out to your supervisor or Human Resources at so we can provide you with accessible options of support. For immediate access to set up assistance, you can click here: Lumino VC ( OR download the app directly onto your smart device by going to the App Store and searching Lumino Health Virtual Care. The graphic is as follows and you will need your benefit group number and Access ID to set it up:
Lumino Health Virtual Care – Apps on Google Play

Improving the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) experience

Sunlife has added two new service enhancements to the Lumino Health Virtual Care EAP:

  • a new phone number for immediate support,
  • 24/7 service support by Dialogue across all Lumino Health Virtual Care products.*
New EAP phone number
  • When accessing EAP via the app is not possible:
    • Plan members can get access to immediate help through their EAP by calling 1-844-342-3327A Member Service Specialist will assess your needs and coordinate care with the appropriate resources.

Plan members are also able to access the EAP through the app or online.

New 24/7 Dialogue support*

If you or your dependents are having trouble using the app or website and need help accessing your account, they can:

 For questions regarding benefits plan information, you can

Spectrum recognizes that our teams do an incredible job of supporting people in our services. The work that each of you do is valuable and at times, difficult. Please do honor what your body/mind may be communicating. If you feel increased stress or grief, please pay attention to those signals and reach out to the EAP or us for resources of support.


Renfrew Community Centre Seniors Easter Luncheon

Click Here for More Information


Trout Lake Community Centre Easter Holiday Event

April 10th from 10am-12pm the Trout Lake Community Centre is holiday a Easter event with arts & crafts, games and more! The event is free but registration is required.

Click Here for More Information


Vancouver's Cherry Blossom Festival to be hosted virtually - North Shore News

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Begins April 1st

Running from April 1st to 23rd, Vancouver’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival is back in full bloom! Events ranging from the Haiku Invitational, Tree Talks and Walks and the Big Picnic are being held, and you can check out the bloom map to find the cherry blossoms near you.

Click Here for More Information


 Mount Pleasant International Line Dance Social

April 7th, from 1:30 to 5:30pm, the Mount Pleasant Community Centre is holding an international line dance social. You can dance, you can jive, having the best time of your life….. Get together and celebrate Easter in a different way! It’s an opportunity to dance, social and meet new friends! Everyone is welcome. Admission is $13 per person and registration is required.

Click Here for More Information


2023 TD1 and TD1BC Forms

tax return form in Canada

If there are any changes to your income circumstances, please ensure to fill out the following forms for 2023 and provide them to Accounting once complete.

Please submit your completed form by email to




What is happening in Vancouver in April?

Click on the link below to see what’s happening:


Employee Referral Program Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free Download

Is there anyone you know that is looking for meaningful work?

If you have a friend, family member or meet someone in the community that is interested in joining the team and you refer them to Spectrum, you could be eligible for a referral bonus!

If the person referred is hired and maintains at least 6 months of consistent employment with Spectrum, we will award a $250 Referral Bonus.

*for more information on the program, please email

We thank you for bringing us quality applicants/employees!



The art of the sword at Academie Duello is a group activity for 4-8 people; social + exercise!

They are looking for fellow introverts to find a group of people to organize smaller private classes with instead of going to the much larger drop-in classes and for a reasonable price. See for yourself what wielding a sword like in RPGs is like!

The length of each class depends on # of participants

$170 for 10 credits in one month, ~2 classes a week

1 credit = 10 minutes private lesson duration

Examples of the possible split of credits/class frequency/length depending on the number of people 

2 people = 20 credits

3 people = 30 credits

4 people = 40 credits

5 people = 50 credits

6 people = 60 credits

7 people = 70 credits

8 people = 80 credits

For anyone interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Sarah Woollacott at

Home – Academie Duello – Learn Swordplay

International Centre for Swordplay – Learn Longsword, Rapier, Sidesword, Polearms, Mounted Combat, Archery, martial arts, axe throwing.


Submitting Coordination of Benefits claims via the my Sun Life mobile app

Managing your benefits is easier than ever. We’re happy to share that you can now submit Coordination of Benefits claims (COB) on the my Sun Life mobile app.

You can now submit medical-related COB claims on the my Sun Life mobile app.* Plan members can continue to make COB claims involving vision, drugs, or dental online at

Changes like this are part of our ongoing mission to continually improve our digital experience.

What is Coordination of Benefits?

Coordination of Benefits is when more than one plan covers a person. COB lets plan members submit their claims and any remaining amounts to another plan. This allows them to get the maximum payment possible. This typically means an employee has coverage through their workplace plan and their spouse or partner’s workplace plan.

Check out our brochure that gives a step-by-step guide on submitting COB claims. This is accessible via the my Sun Life mobile app.


Employees can learn more about Coordination of Benefits by signing in to > Benefits centre > Coordination of Benefits.


Please call Group Benefits Client Care Centre at 1-800-361-6212, Monday to Friday,
8 a.m to 8 p.m. EST.


Ray’s Retro Friday Night Music

  • Hosted by Self Advocates of the Rockies society (SAOR)
  • Meets the third Friday of every month from 5:00pm – 6:00pm MDT / 4:00pm – 5:00pm PDT
  • Join the group on Google Meets by clicking here or dial: ‪(CA) +1 587-688-3336 PIN: ‪599 330 504#

Breaking Away from the Covid Blues with Lynnetta

  • Hosted by Self Advocates of the Rockies Society (SAOR)
  • Meets the third Wednesday of every month from 1:00pm – 2:00pm MDT / 12:00pm – 1:00pm PDT
  • Join the group on Google Meets by clicking here or dial: ‪(CA) +1 613-916-1823 PIN: ‪337 088 313#

Phone Tree

  • Hosted by Self Advocates of the Rockies Society (SAOR)
  • Every Thursday: 2:00pm – 3:00pm MDT / 1:00pm – 2:00pm PDT
  • SAOR will be holding weekly group phone calls to catch up with friends and meet new advocates from around the province.
  • To register, email or call 250-426-3393 by 3:00 pm on Wednesdays. Spots are limited to five per call so make sure to sign up to reserve your spot.


HEALTH & SAFETY COMMITTEE Hard Hat Labels - Brady Part: 42244 | Brady |


What do you do if you or someone you’ve worked with has been injured?

All Spectrum employees are covered by WorkSafe BC. Employees who sustain an injury while performing their daily work are eligible to receive compensation from WorkSafe BC. For all accidents (whether time loss occurs or not) a Workers’ Report of injury form must be completed and returned to the immediate supervisor who will forward the form to Human Resources for processing, or the employee can return the completed form directly to Human Resources. Claims submitted into WorkSafe BC must be reported within three (3) days.

Policy 9(d):

Injury/Accident Report forms can be found on our Spectrum website under Human Resources, left hand menu “Forms” or you can email and one will be emailed to you.

Reporting Helps Us To learn, grow and improve together

Accidents happen and one of the main purposes of our accident/injury reporting is to collaborate with WorkSafe BC, our teams and employees to ensure that any employee who is injured receives the proper medical care and support they may need. Our reporting process also provides an opportunity to assess our workplaces for potential hazards so we can continue to improve and determine preventative measures to mitigate future risks. Think of reporting your injury as an opportunity to help yourself and your team.

Why it is important to report an incident, even if you are feeling okay?

Even if you feel ok, there is an obligation to report potential risks or hazards to your supervisor and HR. It’s good news that you’re ok but the next person might not have that same experience. We want to ensure that we are aware of and reviewing any potential risks of injury in your places of work. We have an obligation to ensure the well-being of all employees and review and investigate any potential hazards. Please keep us informed and assist us with keeping you and our teams safe!

Most importantly remember to Take care of yourself.

Employees who take care of themselves and their own needs will be better prepared to care for others on the job.

For example:

  • Don’t accept more work than you can handle.
  • Recognize signs of stress and take the necessary steps to alleviate stress in your life.
  • Let your supervisor know if you need assistance with something.
  • Don’t place yourself or others at risk by taking on more than you are prepared for.

Enjoy your work! If you don’t, then be honest with yourself and your supervisor about it. You may need a break.

If you have any Health & Safety related questions, please email

Be Safe. Be Calm. Be Kind