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Team News – April 27, 2018

Welcome Flamingo to our Accounting Department!

Ivy’s last day was yesterday and we’re going to miss her while she’s on her parental leave. We’re pleased to have Flamingo filling in for Ivy while she is on leave. If you haven’t met him yet, please make sure to stop by the office and say “Hi!” when you get a chance!

Welcome Monica to Accounts Payable!

You may all know Monica from her occasional work in front reception. We are pleased that Monica will also be joining the accounting team in the Accounts Payable role!



The New Year is here, and for many of us that means goal-setting, resolutions, and fresh commitments.  If you’re thinking about making a positive lifestyle change and incorporating physical activity into your day, go for it – safely and slowly – until you make it a lifestyle habit!  Exercise is crucial for good health; it plays a major role in maintaining a healthy weight, lowering the risk for heart disease and other medical problems, and providing energy.

If you are looking for some ways to ease the pressures on yourself and others in your household or are looking for some tips to help you get started with an exercise program please check out these tips:  LifeWorksQ42017


Talented Team Members!

We are happy at Spectrum to acknowledge the diverse talents of our team members, both those who are supported by us and who work for us.  There is a page on our website with links to their websites: Spectrum’s Talented Team.  Let us know if there is someone else we should add to this page!

Requirements – Please check your paystub and update your requirements

Criminal Record checks and a First Aid Certificate are ongoing requirements of employment at Spectrum. They do need to be renewed accordingly. Please review your pay statement to ensure both your First Aid and Criminal Record check are up to date.

If you find that either one has expired, please get in touch with Human Resources at: as soon as possible for information on how to renew these requirements.

Personal Changes for Your Benefits

Please contact Human Resources at if you have any changes to your personal information, for example, if you need to add a child, update spousal information, change your beneficiary, etc. so that we can ensure your group benefits are updated accordingly with the most current information.

The 2018 payroll schedule has been posted:

Pay Schedule 2024