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Staff Access

The Need for Inclusivity Training

So the new year is fast approaching and employers may be reflecting on where they are at and how to move further to capture the leading edge… how to build an inclusive workforce?  Inclusion is so complex as there are so many layers and people are different from one another. So how do you create an environment where everyone feels valued and makes a positive contribution?    

Spectrum Society for Community Living continues to have a longstanding relationship with the Vancouver Aquarium with a couple of individuals volunteering there. The Aquarium continues to be striving towards building an environment where everyone feels belonging and valued, no matter if they are a paid employee or a volunteer. In the new year, we are working with them and their staff to further their efforts in building an inclusive and diverse environment to reflect the community they serve. We will be delivering a workshop that will assist them in developing the best strategies, training, communicating, and coaching with individuals with disabilities. We will also provide some case scenarios to give them the experience to put theory into practice!

We would like to encourage all employers to think about embedding some inclusive and accessibility training into their workplace as it will help create an open environment for all. It allows co-workers, managers, or front-line staff to take the time to shift their perspective of disability and think about embedding inclusion in their framework of thinking, not just an add on.  We could all use some brush up in the way of how we include everyone, and can we include everyone?

Should your organization wish to push the needle forward in inclusion and accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact Spectrum Society for Community Living at 604.323- 1433.