Volunteering can be the First Step

The United Nations Report 2017, states that “Volunteerism benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer by strengthening trust, solidarity and reciprocity among citizens”. Unfortunately, according to the Vital Signs Report 2017, the average hours of volunteering within the Lower Mainland are declining.  

Volunteering is the first step towards gaining employment. It provides individuals real-life opportunities to gain attainable skills such as having conversations with different people, office administration, product display, working within a team, or cleaning up the facility. As well, it gives you an opportunity to work with other people and follow directions from a volunteer supervisor or other authoritative figure.  

Volunteering does good for the soul – it makes each individual feel good to give back and to be within community. It enriches us to give back and to learn about the role of the organization, how it plays within the community. It provides us the space to learn, to grow, and to connect.

Unfortunately, for some of us, we may need to prove to others that we have the ability to perform because of our “identifiable disability “, so volunteering give us an opportunity to do this. As well, it may help the individuals to get through the door, and eventually this may turn into a paid opportunity because of meeting the right person, performing job duties correctly or just knowing the environment.

There are nothing but benefits to volunteering. Every organization would like an extra hand in their duties, and individuals can gain skills to add to their resume to make it look good. You will build new skills and new connections, and it can only benefit you with employment!  

Written by Karen Lai, Employment Connector

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