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Where on Earth do you find these Jobs??

Written by Karen Lai, Employment Connector

How do you look for a job? Is it just going on the website and completing an on-line applications and that’s it? Well, partly it is… but partly, it is about getting yourself out there and really making it known that you are looking for work.. it is like getting up for work to find a job opportunity. Some people get up early to be at their desk to begin their job search.  

There are many job websites to browse through, weather you are searching for a job opportunity or seeing what type of jobs are out there. Here are some ideas of job-hunting websites:


Another fantastic opportunity is the act of cold-calling to a company you really want to work with. The art of cold calling is phoning places that you have no prior connection with and just phoning them. This can a challenging task to do, especially if you are a shy person or you just don’t know what to say – it can be really intimidating. But cold calling can be a wonderful way of making contacts and tapping into the hidden job market. This is why I am here and supporting you in this task. It takes practice, practice and practice.  

Generally, cold calling doesn’t turn out to be anything, but the positive side is that now, the company know you and aware that you are in search of work. They will generally keep your resume on file and now you will be on their minds.

If you wish to try cold calling, I would be willing to support and practice with you. It takes creative thinking and a sense of curiosity to see if you can do it – you may surprise yourself!