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Staff Access

2.5% Pay Raise Effective April 2016

WageEquityWe are pleased to be able to provide another increase to the pay for our employees – the valuable team members who provide person-centred supports to people in the community.  This 2.5% increase keeps us comparable to the rest of the agencies in the social service sector.

The new grid will take effect in the first pay period in April, 2016.

Position Start 1,500 hrs 3,000 hrs 4,500 hrs
Asleep Night 10.92/hr 11.08/hr 11.23/hr 11.39/hr
Awake Night 14.08/hr 15.01/hr 15.68/hr 16.41/hr
CSW 16.56/hr 17.08/hr 17.70/hr 19.00/hr
Manager 20.71/hr… 21.43/hr… 22.21/hr… 23.24/hr

The keyworker rate will continue to be $0.25/hour more than the CSW rate.

The community social service sector is two years into a five year agreement called the Economic Stability Mandate. Highlights of the agreement are:

  • Four increases of 1% per year in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  • Three increases of 2.5% in 2016, 2017 and 2018 – called Comparability Increases, intended to close the gap a little between community social services workers and community health workers.
  • More information on the CSSEA website – Highlights of Agreement.

Wages are only one component of the compensation package for Spectrum’s employees.  We also have health and dental coverage, life insurance, long term disability and an employee assistance plan. Eligible employees contribute to the Municipal Pension Plan and Spectrum provides employer contributions as well.   Finally, we provide training opportunities for employees, people we support and their families, because we know an investment in training pays back so much in the way of new ideas and energy.  Watch for our updated training plan for 2016-2017, coming out in the next month.