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Home Sharing

Shared living can be a great experience when done right. It offers safety, security, and chances to grow, just like we’ve seen in our 25 years of helping over a hundred people and families. But it must be done the right way, and it depends on the relationship between the caregiver and the person being supported.

At Spectrum, our home sharing service pairs people with full-time caregivers. They share a home, living together like roommates or family. Caregivers come in different forms – they can be single, a couple, or a family. We celebrate diversity in all our work.

We focus on finding the perfect match for shared living. Each person is unique, with their own strengths, interests, and lifestyle. We match individuals with caregivers whose lifestyle aligns with theirs, focusing on their abilities rather than their disability. Our applicants come from diverse backgrounds, all eager to share their interests with someone who has a disability. Caregivers undergo comprehensive training to provide effective support. Ultimately, successful shared living arrangements are built on relationships rooted in common interests and values. Caregivers go through a detailed screening process, including background checks, medical checks, and interviews with the person and their family.

Many people choose this model over traditional residential support because it offers a chance to build a genuine, reciprocal relationship with a caregiver or family. When we get this right, everything else falls into place. People with challenging behavior start to settle down because they live with someone they’ve chosen, who respects them. People’s health gets better because caregivers know them well and can take care of them every day.

If you’re interested in sharing your home, fill out a basic application. We’ll review it and may ask for more details. Most of our shared living arrangements are funded by Community Living BC. You can find more information on their website.

Contacts for Home Sharing:

Anne Maria Fulop: 604-323-1433 ext. 226,

Sarah Woollacott: 604-323-1433 ext. 113,