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A Perfect Match is… Pure Joy!!

A Perfect Match is… Pure Joy!

!Written by Karen Lai, Employment Connector

I am not going to lie, but finding a job is a difficult to do… it is a challenge for
everyone, and it is often more challenging for people with disabilities!
And to top it off, finding an opportunity that will be appropriate to your skills,
ability-level and your passion will be that much more complex! However, it
is not to say that it can’t be done, it just takes time to find the perfect match!

It takes motivation and determination from the side of the jobseeker to do job searches over the internet, contacting job opportunities, or attending events to allow you to meet new people to introduce yourself. It is actually work to find work! I don’t care if you require additional support to perform these tasks, but it is always a positive sign to be motivated and determined to find a job. This makes it easier for me to assist you for necessary tasks!

From my side, I continue to do internet searches of employment opportunities and meet new people to build connections! I enjoy introducing my job seekers to employers, especially to companies that have never imagined working with an individual with a disability! I assist and support them in shifting their perspective of disability ensuring that they will be good fit for their company. Several people with disabilities may need extra support for their work, whereas other may not be able to work – depends on the person.

However, when a perfect match works out, then it is a pure joy! It takes a partnership between both the job seeker and me to find the jackpot! And we will all know when the job seeker will love the job – she or he will express their feelings, look forward to go to work each day, and share their good news with their friends and family. It is a pure joy when there is a perfect match!!