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Barb’s Summer Plans

As the weather gets warmer, the days longer, and more pleasant, who doesn’t look forward to time away from the city, a chance to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings that BC offers?

Barb Westfield, a disability advocate, author, and person Spectrum supports, is looking forward to leaving the city behind for a stay with her brother, Kerry, on Saltspring Island. Barb loves experiencing the natural beauty of Salt Spring Island: the ocean, the water, the abundance of colourful, pretty flowers that bloom in spring. 

Another highlight of going to Salt Spring Island for Barb is staying in a hotel, where she gets to relax in comfortable, accommodating surroundings.

But most of all, Barb loves visiting her brother, Kerry, with whom she has a very special bond. Barb fondly recalls hours long chats with Kerry, who she describes as a warm-hearted person who is incredibly fun to be around. Barb tries to visit Kerry whenever she gets the chance, looking forward to her trips each year. 

For this trip to Salt Spring, Barb will be accompanied by her trip buddies Mary and Shauna. A trip to Salt Spring is just one of many adventures that Barb and Shauna have shared together, the biggest one being a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada!









Other adventures Barb has planned for this spring/summer include a trip to Victoria in August to see her beloved cousin, Julie, who she has been incredibly close with since childhood, and writing a sequel to her amazing tale of advocacy and determination, Surviving a Storm, which was released in 2013.  You can order her book online at: 

Barb looks forward to a fun, full summer ahead of her this year!

What do you have planned for the summer? The past two years have caused disruptions to many of our regular summer activities and also disrupted our connections with family and friends.  This summer might be a great time to call up those friends and make plans to get together.