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Can I ask Questions?

Can I ask Questions?
Written by: Karen Lai, Employment Connector

We all know how interviews can be so stressful and intimidating as you are wanting to talk to the person for a job! You are interested to work with them and you really want the job!! But did you know that you can ask questions too in an interview?

Yes, the employer often asks a lot more of the questions to sit if you are right for the position,  but as the potential candidate,  you can often ask questions, as you want to see if you are the right fit for the job and whether you like the company or the organization. It is not to say that you can ask a million of questions, but just a few maybe two or three, and that’s all. Usually, the employer leaves space for this and invites you to ask questions.

One question you should never ask in an interview is “how much do I make per hour?” as it will make you look like that you only want this job for the money. This money is usually saved for discussions once they offer you job and before you accept the job because you have a right to turn down the job if the wage is not what you want. This is why you want to ask questions during the interview to see if the job is right for you and if the wage is right when they offer you the job.

Some questions you could ask during the interview are:

  • What’s the work environment like?
  • Can you describe what is an average day looking like?
  • What’s the uniform like?
  • Do you as a company support your staff in their personal growth -like ask them to develop their own skills throughout their positions?

By having you ask questions at the interview makes it seem like you are engaged and interested in the opportunity. Every single employer likes to see a candidate so eager to work for them! It makes you look good!