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COVID-19 Updates – January 14, 2022 – Covid Safety Plans

Covid Safety Plans for Spectrum   

In today’s update from the Provincial Health Officer, there was cautious optimism that we have passed the peak of the Omicron Wave.  We do need to keep up our safety strategies to avoid infections for another two to four weeks as there are still many new cases each day – over 2,000 per day when just two months ago we had only 200 people across the Province getting sick.

Last update I mentioned that people are making plans – looking forward to summer activities – and I heard from Lyle that he is planning to go to the Caribou and spend five days riding horses at the Flying U Ranch.  I hope you are all looking forward to some vacation activities or social gatherings in the coming year.
If you are open to a working holiday, the Flying U has this great deal:
Spring Wrangler Week – May 1 – 6, 2022

​How would you like to be a wrangler for a week? This year the Ranch will be open May 1, 2022 to May 6, 2022 for guests who would like to join us in our annual Spring work party. Its all about fixing fences, opening trails, piling firewood,  cleaning up the tack room, and sprucing up the grounds. There’s fellowship, great meals, nightly camp fires and lots of chances to ride. Dogs welcome if they want to help. Cost is just $190.00 per day and that includes food, lodging and a horse assigned to you for the stay. In return all you do is help out. More information here:

To get us through the next four weeks of the Omicron Wave, the Provincial Health Officer has ordered employers to re-introduce their Covid Safety Plans from 2020.  We are still following most of the guidelines we established in our Covid Safety Plan of 2020 but here is a summary of the ways that we can keep everyone safe and healthy.

COVID Safety Plans – January 2022

General Measures:

  • Stay Home When You Are Sick – Fever, Cough, Headache and Body Aches are typical symptoms that alert you to the need to stay home.
  • Keep your Distance – meet outside for safest social gatherings.
  • Wear Masks Inside
  • Wash your Hands

Safety Plan Strategies for Homes

  • Check in before entering a home to confirm you are not experiencing symptoms.
  • Use a sanitation station at the front door to wash your hands, put on a mask, and sign in to help us track who has been in the home each day.
  • Keep your distance.  Don’t spend time chatting inside at the front door during shift changes.   Step outside or use communication logs or a phone call to provide updates.
  • At meal times, when you have to take masks off, sit separately – six feet apart or more.
  • Increase ventilation – keep windows open – use fans or air purifiers.
  • Clean high touch surfaces regularly – door handles, light switches and kitchen surfaces.

Safety Plan Strategies for Community

  • Check in by phone, text or video before meeting up with people to confirm that they are feeling well.
  • When using vehicles, keep windows open, sit in separate rows of seating, wear masks.
  • Review Activities to consider which are essential, which can be postponed, and where you can be the safest when getting together.
  • Consider virtual supports – meet by video or by phone to plan future activities, explore new activities, play games or just socialize.

Safety Plan Strategies for the Office

  • Check yourself for symptoms before coming to the office.
  • Sign in, Wash your Hands, Wear a mask
  • You can remove your mask when you are sitting at your desk and are six feet away from other people.
  • Call ahead if you want to sit down and work, to confirm that there is space to work safely.
  • Maximum capacity at the office is 8 people.  If there are already 8 people in the office, we’ll ask you to wait for someone to leave.

 Have a safe and quiet weekend!