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Dressing to Meet Employers

Written by: Karen Lai, Employment Connector

An aspect to making a good impression on employers is to make sure that you dress well and professionally. The word, “dressing professionally” means wearing the dress code of that industry, even if that means dressing “above” your prospect. For example, if you are applying to be a dishwasher in a fast food restaurant, you may want to have a nice shirt and jeans on (with no holes). It is important to be neat, be clean, but not slick or overdone. Be a class act.  

Dressing professionally gives the employers the impression that you took the time to carefully think of what to wear for the interview and that you are ready to work. There’s nothing that employers want to see more than an individual ready to work! Employers want to know that they are getting the best individuals who are keen and are prepared to work!  

It is important not to over dress or underdress – you totally want to match the dress code of the company. You don’t want to overpower the employer, and you don’t want to underdress making it seem like you are not ready to work. it’s the fine balance. To assist with knowing how to dress is to look at their website to see what the environment is like or talk to some people that work there already and to dress in accordance to this!

Employers are looking for the right candidates that fit their workplaces well and positively. It is sad that dressing is such an important aspect in getting employment, but they are looking for the full package to ensure that they hire the right people for their company/ organization – the skills and the personality of the individual. It all fits together which means dressing appropriately is a key factor in getting employment.