Employee News – February 10, 2017

Municipal Pension Plan – Making the Most of Your Pension and Approaching Retirement Workshops

There are still seats available in the free member workshops Making the Most of Your Pension and Approaching Retirement. Please encourage your employees who are members to register today!

Making the Most of Your Pension is a 2-hour workshop for mid-career members. Members will learn how the decisions they make throughout their careers can affect their pension when they retire.

 Approaching Retirement is a 1.5-hour workshop for members nearing retirement. It will help members understand the important decisions they need to make about their pension as retirement approaches. Planning for retirement now can make their transition to retirement easier.

Registration is easy and quick on the plan website.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Thank you,

Client Education Program

Tel 250 356-8547 Fax 250 953-0415
Toll Free (BC) 1 877 558-5573
email MPPeducation@pensionsbc.ca
web www.mpp.pensionsbc.ca

Employee Health, Dental and LTD Benefits

As we have been discussing, benefits costs continue to rise, and we must be creative to ensure we are able to continue to provide the full range of benefits that assist you and your family to stay healthy and at work.

We have switched our Health and Dental Benefits to a new provider, Manulife Financial,  effective February 1, 2017.  We anticipated having the new provider detailed information for you before the end of January, but there have been administrative delays.  Benefits cards are expected to be distributed within the next 5 to 10 business days. Save any receipts you have for expenses in February and submit them when we provide you with the personal information about our coverage.  If there are benefit related questions or concerns, please direct them to Human Resources at personnel@spectrumsociety.org 

For those employees with Long Term Disability (LTD) coverage, you will see a new item on your paystub this pay period (and every pay period in the middle of the month).   To keep LTD Benefits tax-free (that is, if you are off from work for an extended period due to illness or injury, your wage replacement benefit will be tax-free), we will continue to keep the LTD premium as a 100% employee paid premium.  To assist you with the increasing cost of LTD premiums (premiums are up 38% in 2017), we will provide an income amount equal to 50% of the LTD premium.  You will see that on your paystub as LTD50.

Link to poster: SpectrumSociety_EmployeeBenefitsMemoJan182017


Please remember to let our HR team know about any changes to your mailing address and contact information…..  In addition, if any of your tax circumstances have changed please remember to stop by the office and complete a new TD1/TD1BC for the current taxation year.

Monday February 13th, 2017 the Spectrum Office will be closed for the BC Family Day Holiday.

MANDT System – Building Healthy Relationships

The Mandt System® program presents an education and training system of gradual and graded alternatives for de-escalating and supporting people, using a combination of interpersonal communication skills and physical interaction techniques designed to reduce injury to all the participants in an encounter.

We are pleased to offer Mandt Training to our staff.  Please speak with your program manager to be referred to attend one of the upcoming sessions.

Option A:    10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Two Day Mandt Training

  •  In-depth training over two 6 hour classes
  • No physical skill training

Option B:   10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Three Day Mandt Training

  • In-depth training over three 6 hour classes
  • Includes physical skill training

Upcoming Sessions

  • March 28th, 29th & April 4th, 2017
  • June 22nd and 23rd, 2017

SSCL Employee Group on Facebook  Facebook

We’ve created an Employee Facebook Group!

If you’re on Facebook, please look us up and ‘Join’ the group;

SSCL Employee Group

Click Here and login to your own Facebook, click ‘Join’

Please also feel free to ‘suggest’ or ‘share’ this group with other Spectrum colleagues you’re already friends with!

This forum will be to share announcements, updates, newsletters, training, stories, celebrations and other important news with staff and colleagues.
We invite all staff to participate by appropriately sharing any community events, stories or photos from your time spent with people you’re supporting.

We look forward to your participation!

We are hiring!

Are you already hired by Spectrum? If you’re working relief and looking for full or part-time opportunities, take a look at our Job Postings here!

Spread the word! If you’re enjoying your work and the people you’re meeting….tell your friends!

Have them send in their resume to personnel@spectrumsociety.org

 Guess what!?  We have a referral program!

If you have a friend, family member or meet someone in the community that is interested in joining the team and you refer them to Spectrum, you could be eligible for a referral bonus!
If the person referred is hired and maintains at least 9 months of consistent employment with Spectrum,  we will award a $50 Referral Bonus (Pre-loaded Visa card).
*if you’d like more info on the program, please email personnel@spectrumsociety.org

Our way of saying thank you for bringing us quality applicants/employees!

Looking for Members for Health & Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee is accepting nominations for those who would like to join the committee.

If you or someone you know would like to be nominated, please notify Naomi or Rachel in Human Resources at personnel@spectrumsociety.org.

According to WorkSafe BC, there should be no fewer than four regular members. If nominations are insufficient, the team will appoint employees to become members.

Below are some responsibilities of an H&S Committee member:

– Meet once per month
– Improve safety within the organization
– Educate about safety within the organization
– Review safety issues
– Provide feedback on safety issues
– Represent employees within safety related issues
– Review of incidents (WorkSafe claims)
– Review Unsafe Working Conditions reports
– Provide awareness to people regarding safety issues

Health and Safety members review Work Safe claims within Spectrum. One of the main goals of the H&S Committee is to prevent injuries and accidents from re-occurring.

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