Employee News Jan 2012

Spectrum Employee News
January 2012

Do you need to fill out new 2012 TD1 forms? 

If your claim amount for income tax deductions has changed, please ensure you complete both provincial and federal TD1 forms. You will know if you need to do this by reading through the 12 areas listed on each form. For example, if you are now a student, or no longer a student or recently had a child, you will need to complete new forms for 2012.

Completing the forms ensures tax deductions are calculated properly if you are eligible for tax credits other than the basic personal exemption. If your circumstances have not changed, you do not need to complete new forms.

Printable Canada TD1 form: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/td1/td1-fill-12e.pdf
Printable BC TD1 form: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/td1bc/td1bc-12e.pdf

Please submit your completed TD1 forms to Accounting!

Your New Spectrum Email Address

All employees have been sent information regarding the setup of their very own Spectrum email. If you have not received this information and/or if you are having trouble accessing your email, please notify personnel@spectrumsociety.org or call 604 323 1433 ext 232 (Rachel) or 104 (Naomi) to assist you getting started!

Have You Recently Moved or Changed Your Contact Information?

If you have recently moved and/or changed your phone number, please ensure you inform us by sending your new information by email to: personnel@spectrumsociety.org

2012 Time Off Request Forms

It’s that time again, when everyone is starting to think about vacation for the year! Where are you going this year!?

2012 Time Off Request Forms are now available online!

Check out the Policies & Procedures for detailed info on requesting your dates:

$150 Training Allowance! 

Did you know that after one year, permanent employees are eligible to receive up to $150 per year of training allowance?! This $150 can be put towards various programs and classes so long as they promote personal growth! Before registering, please ensure that your request is approved by your Program Manager and forwarded to Human Resources to approve reimbursement. http://spechome.sharevision.ca/PolicyDirectory/Personnel%20Policies/P24.0.ProfessionalDevelopment.pdf

Have a Health and Safety Issue You Would Like to Report?

Voice your questions, concerns or issues regarding Health & Safety procedures or unsafe working conditions to Spectrum’s Health and Safety Committee by emailing us at: safety@spectrumsociety.org

How do I find out more about Spectrum’s Health and Safety Committee?

Visit Spectrum’s Health and Safety Committee webpage at:

Visit Spectrum’s homepage, click on ‘Human Resources’ and then click on ‘Health & Safety’ on the menu to the left….View announcements, informational links, meeting minutes, upcoming events, contact information, and much more!

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