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Employee News – September 6, 2016

Looking for Members for Health & Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee is accepting nominations for those who would like to join the committee.

If you or someone you know would like to be nominated, please notify Naomi or Rachel in Human Resources at

According to WorkSafe BC, there should be no fewer than four regular members. If nominations are insufficient, the team will appoint employees to become members.

Below are some responsibilities of an H&S Committee member:

– Meet once per month
– Improve safety within the organization
– Educate about safety within the organization
– Review safety issues
– Provide feedback on safety issues
– Represent employees within safety related issues
– Review of incidents (WorkSafe claims)
– Review Unsafe Working Conditions reports
– Provide awareness to people regarding safety issues

Health and Safety members review Work Safe claims within Spectrum. One of the main goals of the H&S Committee is to prevent injuries and accidents from re-occurring.

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) Helps You with Personal and Professional Concerns

If you are currently enrolled in our employee group benefits, you are eligible to receive support from the EAP.

Spectrum’s EAP is known as LifeWorks, which is provided by Ceridian.
It provides you and your immediate family with 24/7 access to confidential support and resources you need to manage almost any personal or professional issue,
so you can lead a healthier, happier, more productive life.

 What can you get help with?

  • Parenting and Child Care
  • Education
  • Older Adults
  • Midlife & Retirement
  • Financial and Legal Issues
  • Work Issues
  • Health & Wellness
  • Emotional Well-Being

For more information and to access the program, please contact Human Resources at

Municipal Pension Plan member updates

Group benefits for retired members are changing January 1, 2017

After thoroughly reviewing group benefits for retired Municipal Pension Plan (plan) members, the Municipal Pension Board of Trustees (board) has decided on the changes required to continue providing access to coverage, ensuring the program continues to provide the best value for the funds available.

Group benefits for retired members are changing January 1, 2017, and will affect retired members, and their spouse and dependant(s) enrolled in the plan’s extended health care (EHC) and/or dental coverage with Pacific Blue Cross. Retired members who are not enrolled will have a one-time-only opportunity to enrol themselves and their spouse and dependant(s) in the new unsubsidized dental coverage.

More information is available on the Municipal Pension Plan website,

Municipal Pension Plan Upcoming Seminars for enrolled employees!

Thinking About Retiring
Employees who are within five years of retirement may wish to attend a seminar: Thinking About Retiring. To help plan and prepare for retirement, we cover the key pension considerations, including:

  • How their pension works
  • How to choose their best pension option
  • The group health and dental benefits available for retirees
  • How to navigate the retirement process
  • Tools to assist them when making important decisions about their pension

Your Pension, Your Future

Learn about:

  • The value of your pension
  • Leaves, buy back and your future pension income
  • Your Member’s Benefit Statement
  • Online pension plan tools and resources

The fall schedule for the Municipal Pension Plan free member seminars is now posted on the Pre-register at
Click on Resources > Pension Information Seminars website.

We’re excited to get the seminar season under way with seminars offered across BC.

Get the tips and tools you need.