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The Joy of finding Work that is the Right Fit for You!

Submitted by Karen Lai, Employment Connector at Spectrum Society for Community Living

The big million dollar question is:

What is the job that is right for me?

For so many people, finding the right job may take years to figure out, it is a process, but once you do, it feels like you hit the jackpot! Regardless, it is important to find an employment that is the right fit for you – your skills, abilities, capabilities, limitations, values, and beliefs.

Obviously, not every job fits for everyone, as quite frankly, people don’t have the skills or talents that fit for every job! Some people can never be a cleaner at a food court, because they can’t stand people, the smell of cleaning solutions, or stand for long periods of time. Some people can’t be a server because their hands have jerky movements or again, unable to stand for a long period of time.

But on the other hand, there might be other jobs for you! If you are good at serving people, you may look at working at a store, or if you are good at scheduling, then you may want to look for work in an office.

It is an on-going process discovering your abilities and limitations – it is a hard thing to do, especially, expressing our limitations.

A first step in finding what is the right fit for you, is to schedule a meeting with the Employment Connector, Karen Lai, to explore different areas of work that is the right fit for you. She will work with you to discover your talents, abilities, skills, and limitations – she works with you to present realistic goals as she wants to see each job seeker work towards their potential.

The ideal job is out there for you – it just needs to be discovered and explored!

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