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Staff Access

Our Employment Team

What we Do

Our employment team partners with companies to create welcoming workplaces that are open to hiring people with intellectual disabilities. We start by talking to businesses about their needs and then find or create job opportunities for people with disabilities. We match suitable candidates with these opportunities and guide them through the onboarding process to ensure they understand their role and settle in smoothly. We’re here to support your business for as long as the employee is with you.

Hiring people with disabilities might seem intimidating at first. There’s often worry about accommodations, but in reality, they’re usually minimal. Each person’s disability can affect the workplace differently, so we’re here to address your concerns and provide guidance for building a more inclusive workplace. Hiring inclusively can bring many benefits to your business, including enhancing leadership skills among managers and coworkers.

If necessary, we also offer training for managers and coworkers on how to welcome their new employee effectively. Throughout the process, your company remains in control, deciding which roles to fill and who to hire. We work closely with you, following your lead and company policies. Our collaboration is informal and comes at no cost to your business. We operate within the social services sector
as part of Spectrum Society for Community Living.

What is Supported Employment?

Supported Employment is a personalized approach to job placement that focuses on the unique strengths and abilities of individuals with disabilities. For job seekers, it means finding a role that fits their skills, preferences, and goals. We customize employment conditions and support structures to ensure success and satisfaction.

Employers also benefit from a diverse workforce that brings new perspectives, innovative problem-solving, and a strong commitment to success. It’s a win-win situation where individuals with disabilities thrive in roles that suit them, and employers create an inclusive workplace that encourages creativity and productivity.

Supported Employment transforms the workplace into a space where everyone can contribute their best, bridging talent with opportunity.

For Supported Employment, we follow a 4-step process.


Understanding Job Seekers We take the time to get to know job seekers well. We learn about their interests, skills, and personalities. Some have been with us for years, while others are new.


Learning About Your Workplace We study your workplace and the roles of each position. This helps us understand if it’s a good fit for our job seekers and what skills they might need.


Finding the Right Match We suggest individuals we believe can contribute to your workplace. Often, this leads to an interview. Some may even try out a job to show their skills. But hiring decisions are entirely up to you.


Ongoing Support We offer continuous support to both you and the new employee. This support is available throughout their employment and doesn’t cost anything extra. We provide job coaching and mentorship for creating an inclusive workplace.