First Impressions count in an Interview

First Impressions count in an Interview
Written by Karen Lai, Employment Connector

There are two aspects that can really assist you immediately in getting that ideal job and would really help you to stand out from the rest of the potential candidates. The first one is how you dress and the other one is your handshake.

Your appearance for an interview is very important as it shows the employer how committed you are in wanting this job. How you present yourself which means everything from your body cleanliness, body aroma, and how you dress sends a message to the employer. Of course, you want to match the image of the company as it is important not to overdress or underdress – there is a fine balance. For instance, if you are applying for an office administration position in a downtown location, you may want to dress in a professional looking outfit such as a nice shirt, casual pants or a skirt with a nice top. However, if you are applying for a position in a café, you might want to wear a casual outfit such as jeans (with no holes) and a nice shirt. To determine what kind of presence the potential employer has in the community, you might want to check out their website.

The second aspect that is considered first impressions is your handshake. Every employer appreciates a good firm handshake as you enter the interview. It sends a good message to the employer! A good firm handshake means that you are confident in yourself and that you desire to have this position. It means that you are ready for this interview, in control, and that you are the right fit. Imagine if you have a wimpy little handshake, then you can send the message that you might be shy, timid, and you seem indecisive in what you want. So when you walk into an interview or meet any potential employer, they are always looking forward to a nice firm handshake.

These two aspects of dressing and a handshake are extremely important in demonstrating your desire for the position which the employer sure appreciates. Everything can play a role in your interview, from answering the questions, your conversations, the way how you dress, your body odors, and your handshake! Everything counts and it is extremely important to demonstrate this from the moment you meet the employer.

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