Folks We Care About: Allan Tsang

A New Addition to the TRUMP Management Hotel…

Well, there’s been no doubt that the new TRUMP hotel made an entrance within the Lower Mainland and one of our very own job seeker, Allan successfully received a position in the kitchen as a Culinary Steward!

The duties of a culinary steward are

  • Wash and clean the dishes
  • Inspect dishes for cleanliness and place clean dishes carefully in assigned storage location, scrubbing pots, pans and other kitchen equipment that cannot be washed automatically
  • Polish all silver, stainless steel and related tableware used in food service
  • Clean designated equipment, dispose of kitchen substances (such as grease) and kitchen chemicals properly, empty and clean trash cans, transport garbage containers to dump sites and adhere to recycling regulations.
  • Clean kitchen floor at the end of each meal period and after each spill, clean and organize associated work area and kitchen equipment according to procedures to maximize efficiency and safety.
  • Assist with general kitchen prep duties, banquet or other setups.
  • Ensure that guests experience the highest quality culinary standards.
  • Meet service expectations proactively, promptly, professionally, with care to attention and detail.
  • Ensures compliance to all hotel policies and standards.
  • Maintain positive relationships, professional, friendly attitude towards guests and Associates.
  • Actively demonstrate teamwork, safe work practices and open communication.
  • Undertake other duties as required.

Allan participated in a 3-week extensive training that started on December 18th, 2016 where he learned about the Trump Hotel, human resources, customer service, working in a team, and all the various components of the hotel. He started his role in the second week of January where he works Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 – 2:30 pm. He works directly with his colleague, Raymond, who supports and guides him within his job duties.

Allan just past his probation period and he successfully met expectations! His comments from his supervisor was “Allan is one of the most hard working associate in our department, I really admired his energy and he really enjoys his job. Allan will seek for more task every time he is not busy, he did an amazing job maintaining the organization of our cutleries, polishing the banquet chaffing dish and cleanliness and orderliness of the kitchen floor. He demonstrates good relationship with his team and his leaders. Thank you so much Allan for your hard work and dedication.”

Allan loves being part of the Trump family and working with his colleagues, especially Raymond. He loves getting the extra money too where he saves it for holidays and some spending money. He is satisfied with it too. He encourages others seeking for employment to be brave – do things you wouldn’t do and encouraging them to be resilient.

Congratulations Allan!




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