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Folks We Care About: Daryl Dickson

Daryl Dickson wanted to introduce himself and share his story and artwork with everyone. Daryl has loved drawing and painting since he was very young and it’s an effective way for him to express himself and communicate with others as his verbal speech is limited. Most of his paintings portray his experiences and life events in a style that reflects his cultural heritage. Over the years Daryl has studied other artists and their work so he can improve on his drawing and painting skills but at the same time he continues to stay true to his own unique style. When Daryl attends pow-wows, celebrations, family gatherings, and special events he translates these occasions into colourful images on paper.

Daryl was born into the Sekw’el’was band (Cayoose Creek) Lillooet and Stl’atl’imx Nation on October 29, 1969. He is a descendant of Chief Jean Baptiste who was his great grandfather and the first chief of the Lillooet Tribe in 1911. The chief also played a very active role in creating “The Declaration of the Lillooet Tribe” in 1911. His grandfather, Moses, was also a chief. Most of Daryl’s family still live in Cayoose Creek (Sekw’el’was) where he likes to visit and spend time with them at least once a year.

Daryl is a member of Artists Helping Artists in Burnaby. He has exhibited his art at the Gathering Place in Port Coquitlam; he was a finalist in The Art of Being Together (Larche Foundation, Burnaby) and offers his art for sale at the Inclusion Art Show in Vancouver every year. He is also a member of Theatre Terrific and annually participates in plays produced by the group.