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Checking out the Public Market in Seattle Gary wanted to share some photos from his recent trip to Seattle.   He took the Amtrak train one way & plane the other. Gary & his good staff Edris, who made the trip a reality (thanks Edris!), had a variety of experiences while in Seattle.

Edris and Gary enjoying time out on the water!
Edris and Gary enjoying time out on the water!

Gary 2Gary 4

The Museum of flight is one of the famous aviation museums in United States.  They’re exhibits have so many sections to enjoy:

  1. World War one
  2. World War two
  3. Space shuttle modules and training vehicle
  4. Boeing first workshop
  5. The first Air Force One,  Presidential plane; flown the first time by JFK
  6. Drones plane with pilot
  7. 3D movie which was very excitement for Gary
  8. The Concord and many more sights to see……

We were inside the Air Force One plane.  That was an amazing experience for Gary.  He was happy.  When you get inside the plane the flight attendants welcome you as the President of USA (Welcome! Mr. President)  This was enjoyable!

We saw the first plane that Wrights Brothers invented.

We watched the International Space Modules. The way astronauts live in space; how their food is prepared and the funny things about how they use toilet.

There was a lot to see….. Gary enjoyed every single minute. When he got inside the museum unbelievably he got excited.  We went outdoors to see all the different fighter jets and commercial airplanes.  He really liked Lockheed Super Sonic Jet.  Most importantly and amazing was how intently Gary listened to museum’s facilitator’s explanations.

The middle of the day we had our lunch inside the cafeteria and after lunch we went back to continue to rest of the museum.  On our last day we went to Pike Place Market, one of the most famous markets in downtown Seattle. There are more than 100 shops and restaurants. Gary enjoyed the food, the trip including his flight and the Amtrak.

Gary 3
Gary 5

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